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Tenley Roeder

Tenley Roeder MS


I am not accepting new patients at this time.
I believe psychiatric mental health treatment to be both the science and the art of providing compassionate, high quality, evidence-based care. Patients should always be approached with unconditional positive regard in each encounter and be given every opportunity available to attain their highest level of holistic wellness. I strive to be both an advocate for and partner with the clients, who should be recognized as the experts of their own health and wellbeing. My view of medication is that it is a valuable and useful tool used best in conjunction with therapy, skill building, and education. Medication prescription and management with me will not be simply treating symptoms with an onslaught of medications, but really treating the whole person with all of the tools, skills, and knowledge my education and license provides.
I have moved Happy Daisy Ltd to a new, improved location. My new office address is: 1136 East Stuart Street, Bldg #4 Suite 101. It’s on the main floor of the building with the clock tower.
If you have questions or concerns please email me at happydaisyltd@gmail.com or call and leave a message at 970-232-9339. Please be patient and persistent as I only have part-time front desk help. If I do not return your call in a day or two, please try me again.
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